The Westward Ho is a landmark for the city of Phoenix. When it first opened in 1928, the hotel was frequented by celebrities including Hollywood stars and politicians. It shot to fame when President John F. Kennedy made a speech from its front steps.

The hotel was converted to a low-income housing complex in 1981 and was opened to senior citizens. Some of its residents have lived there for many years and have grown to love the complex. The property still retains its old-world charm.

Welcome Home to the Westward Ho

You'll see some of it in the introductory video below.

Also, our podcast will give you complete information on the Westward Ho, while you browse our web site for the Ho's history, details of its architectural splendor, the secrets that its tunnels hold, more information on the now-defunct broadcast tower that surmounts it, the celebrities who frequented the hotel and its current inhabitants.

Snapshots from the Ho

The courtyard inside the Ho - opposite this is a sparkling swimming pool
A fountain with tile work in the courtyard of the Ho
The tile paneling of the lobby's drinking fountain
A vintage candelabra in the basement