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Monday, March 7




First off, my thanks to Dr. Bill Silcock, who is taking the class today while I do my healing thing at home. (I posted an update to the blog last night, but I donít know how many of you saw it.) Second, you better believe Iím bummed that you all get to do this session and I donít get to be there! Iíd really been looking forward to this, and Iím particularly interested in Dr. Silcockís broadcast perspective.


Weíve looked at a lot of print-oriented Web work, and multimedia and visual presentations. But itís been largely from a print perspective. This is the chance to explore the Web from another angle. To that end, Iíve chosen some sites that I think offer diversity and food for discussion in terms of the broadcast influence and the Webís potential. Theyíre all quite short so youíll be able to see enough to start comparing styles, effectiveness, etc. You may see some others on these sites that tempt you, too. I urge you to give in to the temptation. Sorry I havenít been able to send popcorn.


Hereís the list:


From MSNBC Front Page


All of the following links are from the left column News Video menu:


MSNBC News Video: White House Beat



Watch the headlines



The Week in Video





From CNN Newspass

(I think they're freely available)


"Milk may not do a body good"



"Police caught joking about fire"


(interesting from a diversity/bias point of view, too)



From Washingtonpost.com Camera Works


"Italians mourn officer's death" (Note that this is an AP feed)



"From the dugout steps" (this is done by washingtonpost.com)




From AZCentral / News 12 


(This is your turf, Bill! Your choice!)



From NYTimes.com and Discovery Channel

Video Page One




Please feel free to add on to this list!