Hey there, Scout. You lookin' to go to school here? GOOD! We here at Arizona State University encourage high school students to check out our college and our campus, especially if you are hot — no, seriously, it is a requirement at ASU to be good looking, Playboy said so. In a moment of honesty, we really do want other people to carry on the Sun Devil pride.

In making your decision to come here, we provide some uncensored advice:

  • During campus tours, wear your nametag proudly. I know they seem stupid and you don't want all the cool college kids to know you are still in high school, but they need to be worn so you don't forget your name in all the excitement. And yes, you will be made fun of by all of us collegiates, but don't worry, if you decide to come here (and we hope you do) you will get to make fun of all name tags over the next four years or more.
  • We know it can be hard to move away - sometimes more so for the parents than the students - but a big bonus of ASU is that the airport is only minutes away. Those of you who are really considering attending ASU, it may seem great to run away from home, but you will miss your parents. Don't be afraid to call them or even visit them. Or be really daring, let them come visit you on campus. Just make sure to clean your room before they get there, the same rules apply in college as they do at home according to the 'rents.
  • We know leaving high school can be hard, but it is really important that you do not dwell in your years there. It may seem like a good idea to go home for the football games or for the dances, but then you just become that weird kid who graduated some unknown years ago and keeps coming back. Repeat after me: I will not become THAT kid! It is okay to occasionally bust out the high school gear, but make sure you don't wear your varsity jacket every time there is a breeze.



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