Welcome back! So, you made it through your freshman year at Arizona State University - congratulations. Since you have survived and paid your dues as a freshman, we are going to let you in on a few fun secrets because we know all you did your freshman year was go to class and do homework and study for tests.

Here are some ways to cut loose and have some fun:

  • First and foremost, it is important that you not only work hard here at ASU, but that you also play hard as well. School is important and not something that should be neglected, so obviously you are going to work hard to keep your grades up and get the most out of what ASU has to offer. But we also must remember that if you work all the time and do not take some time for yourself, you will become ... a nerd. Yes, I put it out there. Make sure this doesn't happen. Go out to dinner with your friends, catch a movie, go hiking on Camelback Mountain, take a weekend trip with your friends ... anything that will save you from becoming a book nerd.
  • Take advantage of the fantastic football team ASU has. Go to the football games with your friends on the weekends. Have a tailgate party - with soda of course - before and after the game. ASU football games have traditions that may seem weird your first visit or two, but after a few games you will be jangling your keys and chanting A-S-U and Rudy with everyone else. Enjoy the football team, they are actually pretty good right now.
  • I know we have hit you with a lot of fun information, but the ultimate good time is Halloween on Mill Avenue. Mill is THE hot spot for costume viewing and comparison. There are always hundreds of people on Mill on Halloween night. It is almost a requirement that you wear a costume. And speaking of costumes - it had better be good. No more Victoria's Secret Angels, please! Most girls wear a bra and wings, slap on a few pounds of makeup and call it a costume. Don't fall into this trap. Please, be creative. Use that brain of yours, you are in college. Think of something original or non-mainstream. Some examples: a cheetah (guys in tighty-whities spray painted orange), a cactus (a guy rolled in green foam with toothpicks stuck in it), American Gladiators, Steve-O, Jay and Silent Bob, Princess Fiona as an ogre, a box of tissues, a professional poker player (with sunglasses, poker chips and winning cards) or girls dress as guys and guys dress as girls (you just can't go wrong).



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