Before You Land Your Dream Job, You've Got to Find It!

Register with ASU Career Services to take full advantage of the help ASU can provide you in your career search. Create a résumé that is concise and relevant. See the resume help page for more help.

Create a cover letter to highlight your qualifications and achievements. Cover letters can be essential in landing your dream job, employers are often very busy and don't have time to read every application that lands on their desk, so you need to grab their attention quickly with a cover letter that stands out.

* Don't exceed one page on your cover letter

* Don't repeat your resume word for word; highlight your top selling points

* Customize your cover letter for each position; taking the time to personally address the letter and emphasize your strengths for that particular job can make a big difference

* Close the letter with your future in your own hands, say that you will follow up soon (be specific about how soon) and actually call them when you say you will. Persistence can make a difference

Post your résumé and search for job opportunities on Web sites such as:


Career Builder

The New York Times Job Market

The Wall Street Journal: Career Journal



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