Ahh, to be a senior. The cool kids on campus. The know-it-alls. The students who know Arizona State University like the back of their hand — hey, where did that come from? College seniors have all the answers, or at least we like to think we do.

We who created this Web site do have all the answers, however. At least on how to survive your senior year of college:

  • SENIORITIS! This is a word you all should know, you will be experiencing the side effects of this disease at many points during your final year. Side effects include laziness, lack of motivation, an incessant urge to have fun, an inability to do any work where you must concentrate for an excess of 20 minutes. If these symptoms continue for more than 30 weeks (two semesters for those of you who can't do the math), please consult your advisor on how to graduate.
  • Now, we know that this won't be your first spring break, but this is the one that matters the most. It will be the last one for a very, very, very long time — unless you are going to be a teacher, but then you will be grading papers the entire time, so it doesn't count. Your senior spring break should be spent somewhere fun like Vegas or on the beaches in California. These two places can be enjoyed with college student-funds, but if you can afford something more luxurious, like Hawaii or the Bahamas, please share the wealth.
  • And now what you all have been waiting for — alcohol. Alcohol can love you or it can hate you; it is just a matter of respect. Beer Pong is a game you will become associated with if you are not already familiar with it. One thing though, make sure you pick a really funny name — Beer Pong is fun anyway, but with a fun, silly name it makes it that much more entertaining. Watch out for the Pub Crawl. It sounds like a good idea at the start — start at 6 p.m. and end at 2 a.m. with a bar every hour — but the next day when you can't stop the room from spinning you may be thinking twice. Stick by this rule of thumb: one drink per bar and don't mix your liquor. Oh yeah: don't forget your DD (designated driver) or your DW (designated walker).



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