Now that you've been accepted, at least by Arizona State University, it's time to register for classes. You have a few options when it comes to registration.

1. The ASU Interactive website, located here on the internet, is the easiest way to register. Just be careful; you might get distracted and start looking for used Kelly Clarkson albums and checking out "pictures."

2. Sundial, the telephone system where you'll likely speak to a fem-bot. She's stern, but fair. For a good time call (480) 350-1500.

3. If the infernal machines aren't your thing, register in person at the Student Services building, which is located here next to that one big building and the old one with the steps.



You might be able to procrastinate and register last minute for a few semesters, or years. Eventually you will need to take specific classes so watch out for those pre-registration deadlines. Your assigned counselor will send you multiple e-mails with every approaching deadline, if she loves you. It's also a good idea to visit your counselor whenever you're unsure about a class or your current schedule.



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