Well, you've made it. You are officially finished with your undergraduate degree ... YAY!!! Since you are now finished with your stint at Arizona State University — unless you are returning for your master's — this is an opportune time to reflect on your time spent at ASU.

Here are a list of memories we hope you share:

  • Doesn't living with your parents seem so long ago? Can you imagine, you might be at the point now where you're about to move back in with them. Things are sure going be different after being away for four years, that we can promise you.
  • How about that campus tour you took your senior year of high school? Now, you look at those kids and think, "I can't ever remember being that naive."
  • So, you survived. You left all the comforts of high school behind and faced college and now that you've conquered that, it's time to take on "real life."
  • One thing you're sure not to miss ... Manzy food! Wasn't it terrible? You probably haven't had it since freshman year. Thank God, it's just a distant memory now.
  • You own an entire wardrobe of ASU clothing that you were once convinced you had to have and now, while some of your classmates are making them into memorial quilts, you have decided it's best to just give them to Goodwill or pass them on to a younger sibling. Why did you need ASU mittens again? It's 110 degrees!
  • One thing's for sure, you'll never get another ticket from ASU Parking Services. Never again will you need to fear parking.
  • Aww, the bridge. What a pretty thing to look at, but it was the devil to walk over, wasn't it? C'mon, you know you'll miss it.
  • Even after you've graduated you are still more than welcome to attend the ASU football games. Better yet, you get tickets for outside the student section so you can actually sit in the 100 degree heat.
  • Halloween just won't be the same, but now you know what it should be like so you can throw a killer party for your post-grad friends.
  • Remember those agonizing days you stressed over choosing a major and meeting all the graduation requirements? Well, you did it! No more stress; now you just need a job.
  • The worst part of being an alumni is no more spring break. Isn't that terrible? Why can't they have spring break in the "real world"? Everyone needs spring break.
  • Remember your fake ID? Remember your 21st birthday? More importantly, do you remember your "Power Hour"? Probably not, but now you're definitely 21 and legal! No more stressing about the bars and no more celebrating crazy 21st birthdays with your best friends. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy being old.



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