You've been at ASU for a year and now all your high school savings and graduation money is gone! It's now time to get responsible and find a job. Where do you start? Where do you apply? Here are some places that are student friendly, but will still pay you enough to save for going out!

The best place to start your job search is through the ASU student employment services. This way you can try to find an on campus job that will work with your school schedule, you can go in between classes, and sometimes not have to work weekends.

Next best place to look is your ASU State Press not only can you find a job in your local college paper, but it is also possible to keep up with current events on and off campus.

If you are interested in working in the food industry, there are plenty of restaurants and bars on Mill Ave as well as University Drive. The best time to look for a job on Mill Ave is right before summer or a couple of weeks prior to school starting. Remember the closer it comes to school starting the fewer jobs that are available.

One of the nicest things about your ASU home is there are four malls in a 30 minute radius. Remember to check these places out as well. Malls are always hiring and especially need seasonal help before Christmas. If you need the extra cash and don't mind working through the holidays, the mall is a good place to look for a job. Here are the four near you:

Still haven't found anything? Try to broaden your search by using the Arizona Republic newspaper




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