Internships. Nothing speaks more loudly to a potential employer than experience.
Internships are a great way to obtain experience, test careers, learn from professionals, and build your resume. Here are some strategies to help you locate a much desired internship.
1. Register with Sun Devil Career Link. This will allow you to post your resume to the ASU database and receive information regarding upcoming opportunities via email.
2. Begin applying for internships a few months prior to your anticipated start date. Check out bulletin boards and announcements that may be posted by your college's main office. Also ask your advisor if there is an internship coordinator for your major; this person can be very helpful.
3. Ask your professors what companies in the area hire interns or graduates; they are often willing to accept resumes and are a likely source for a position.
4. NETWORK. Tell your professors, your friends, your advisor, pretty much everyone that you are looking for an internship and what you're looking for so they can keep their eyes and ears open. One of the most common ways people land internships and jobs is through networking.
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