Wow! You are half way done with college ... how do you feel? Are you tired of homework yet? Too bad. You've still got two years left — unless you go to grad school, of course.

Here are some tips for surviving your third year at Arizona State University:

  • This year is very important to your future at ASU — this year you should be applying to your school's program. There is a super fun (note the sarcasm) process where you have to fill out paperwork, write an essay, put together your portfolio and polish your resume.Not only do you have to do all this work while attending your classes and possibly holding a part-time job, but you are also competing with your fellow classmates for spots in the school. Now, this may seem silly to you and you may be thinking that since they accepted you to ASU then you should get into your program with no problem — THINK AGAIN! The program applications are essential because you have to be in the program to take the bulk of your specialized classes. In other words, if you don't get into your program, you don't graduate. The best things to do to guarantee you get into your program are: 1) Keep your grades up: the better your grades, the better your chances. Most applications say you must have a 2.5 GPA, but they are really looking for a 3.0.

    2) Get involved on campus. It is always best to be involved with activities because then the judging panel knows you are capable of juggling things and still doing well.

    3) Don't put in your application with no experience — this translates to "have experience in your desired field." It always looks better if you are not going into the program cold. Even if it was one day of help or something from high school, don't forget to include it.
  • This year is also important because most of the classes you SHOULD be taking are specialized toward your major concentration. These are essential classes because you can't get lower than a "C" in order to graduate. These classes are also important because you will be in smaller classes — which means you can't miss class all the time. Many of the teachers of these classes are professionals in the field or department heads. Also, the people in your classes are the people you are going to have class with for the next two years — so be nice to them; they can make the rest of your experience miserable.

(Notice: Count the number of times "class" is said in this paragraph — 6 — this means that this is important. GO TO CLASS!)

  • This year is also the year you will probably be applying for your first internship (unless you are an over-achiever). Again, this is important because this is going to help you decide if you really like your field and also could give you a leg up in knowing people in the industry. An internship looks great on your resume and it is also real world experience. Be prepared to make no money for all your work, though; interns rarely get paid. Oh, and don't worry about having to get your employers coffee, they don't really make you do that — or at least they didn't at my internship.



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