Hello and welcome to Arizona State University. Good choice, by the way, on your post-high school education selection. You are guaranteed to have a good time here at ASU — don't worry parents, they won't have THAT good of a time.

Here are some stellar tips to survive your underling year:

  • Watch out for Manzy (aka Manzanita). Seriously, don't eat there. We have heard some things — granted, they have not been officially confirmed — about the food they serve. There are many other viable food options within walking distance. FYI — Chili's takes Sun Dollars.
  • Don't get too excited about being in college — I mean, do get excited, but don't get so excited that you go and buy every T-shirt, sweatshirt and hat at the ASU Bookstore. It is possible to support your school too much.
  • BEWARE! Parking and Transit Services at ASU are the devil. You will hate them by the time graduation comes. They will give you a ticket the minute your parking meter runs out and any occurrence of your parking pass not being displayed. I have one word for you — appeal! Appeal to PTS as often as you can. It will be more than necessary, unless you have a money tree in your dorm room.
  • The bridge (pictured above) is quite deceiving. It may seem cool to walk over it as a new freshman, but after a week you are going to be sick and tired of it. Walking the bridge is an amazing workout; you burn 20 calories each pass. It is a great butt-blaster, good for the quads. It may seem like more work to walk to the corner of College and University, but you don't burn nearly as many calories. Or if you are overly concerned about gaining the feared Freshman Fifteen, walk over that bridge at least three times a day.
  • Don't be afraid to ask upper classman for directions during your first week of classes. We understand that you are new here and we are not going to bite your head off if you ask us where the Social Sciences Building or the Computing Commons are. Upper classman can actually be nice, plus you will get bonus points from your new friends if they see you with them.



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