???!!!Where to PARTY!!!???


Near ASU and all around the Tempe area there are a variety of options to spice up your nightlife. Use the information on this page to help you decide where you'd like to spend this weekend, if not this evening...

Most important: Be safe and HAVE FUN!!!!!

Links and map to bars near ASU: Bars and Entertainment

For your own search, use this information to find what you're looking for near ASU: Tempe, Arizona 85287

Both Yahoo! and Google have pretty good localized search features.

Most online directories have a local entertainment search and you can adjust the parameters of your search to fit your location and the mile radius you'd like to search. Use the links above and adjust the search terms to fit your needs. Good luck and have fun!

We know there are so many places to choose from. To help you get started we recommend:




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