Logo for the ASU Presidential Debate.

Week and day JMC 425 ONLINE MEDIA SCHEDULE Related links and readings
1/ Monday, Aug. 23 Introductions; overview of the course; "Resources" handout and discussion  
Wednesday, Aug. 25 Professor Carol Schwalbe, who created the "Online Media" course and the Cronkitezine, will talk about the ezine and this semester's project: both sections of JMC 425 will be responsible for the contents of the fall-semester publication. The focus is the presidential debate that will take place at ASU on Oct. 13. Intro to the "idea" and planning site for a converged-media project. All involved will broadcast or publish their contribution on five Wednesdays leading up to Oct. 13.

ASU Debate site
Idea site for convergence project
"Hurricane aftermath: A community network"
"Online Journalism: What is journalism?" (Foust)

2/ Monday, Aug. 30 Evolving journalism: a discussion. Debate-story possibilities for Cronkitezine. Sampling convention Weblogs. Cyberjournalist: Who's blogging the convention?
Wednesday, Sept. 1 What makes a good Web site? Introduction to HTML codes and story boards. Hands-on work.

Web Style Guide
HTML Basics (Schwalbe)
Readings for Wednesday:
"The expanding blogosphere"
"Animated discourse: The people unplugged"

3/ Monday, Sept. 6 LABOR DAY, NO CLASS  
Wednesday, Sept. 8 Continuing Web work; online genres. Readings for Monday:
Online Storytelling Forms
"Three Little Words" or
"Sadie's Ring"
4/ Monday, Sept. 13 Working with text "Newswriting for the Web"
Wednesday, Sept. 15 First part of personal project (resume) due at end of class.
Photoshop and the font poem.
Readings for Monday:
"Is it journalism?"
"We've only just begun"
"Online advances"
"The difference a year makes"
5/ Monday, Sept. 20 Introduction to Dreamweaver MX  
Wednesday, Sept. 22 More Dreamweaver
Working with color. "Color, Contrast and Dimension in News Design," Poynter's Interactive Color Tool
Readings for Monday:
"The promise of the Daily Me"
"The second coming of personalized news"
6/ Monday, Sept. 27 The "daily me." Lab time. Dreamweaver slide show: "A year ago in Richmond, Va."
Wednesday, Sept. 29 Test #1
Drafts of Cronkitezine sites due.
Reading for Monday:
"Fragmentation and cybercascades" from Republic.com
7/ Monday, Oct. 4 Web dynamics; advocacy and hate sites  
Wednesday, Oct. 6 Lab day Reading for Monday:
"Moblogs seen as a crystal ball for a new era in online journalism"
8/ Monday, Oct. 11 Election coverage online ePolitics: A study of the 2000 presidential campaign on the Internet
"Exit poll pact"
9/ Monday, Oct. 18 Revisiting the online debate coverage; planning the Cronkitezine -- deadlines for work will be set now.  
Wednesday, Oct. 20 Test #2 Reading for Monday:
"Redefining the news online" from Digitizing the News
10/ Monday, Oct. 25 News construction online Reading ahead:
"The Internet and the Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal"
Wednesday, Oct. 27 Credibility, fairness, speed Readings ahead:
"What are we afraid of?"
"Hitting political targets with moving parts"
"Taking cartoons to another dimension"
11/ Monday, Nov. 1 Animated commentary

Mark Fiore cartoons
Do it yourself
Behind the Scenes: Mark Fiore
Animated political cartoons

Wednesday, Nov. 3 Post-election coverage; lab work: Nancie Dodge Readings ahead:
"Salon does what it wants"
"From Watergate to Web"
"Is online journalism on its way out?"
"Truth-seeking geeks slice into a wb of lies"
12/ Monday, Nov. 8 Analysis of official campaign sites (screen grabs of Nov. 3), post-vote blogs. In what way is the medium the message? John Kerry site, George Bush site
Wednesday, Nov. 10 A non-major news site; brainstorming original sites. Thanksgiving themes. Reading ahead:
"Let us link"
Tasini v. New York Times
13/ Monday, Nov. 15 Discussion of Clinton/Lewinsky (read all five parts); Is the message the medium?
Credibility, fairness, speed. Report from the Online News Association meeting.
"The Internet and the Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal"
Wednesday, Nov. 17

Copyright, fair use and legal issues / site construction, part II


Free from the Web animation
Readers Cartoons
2003 Dot-Comedy awards

14/ Monday, Nov. 22 In-class exam #3 FYI: Flash beginnings
Wednesday, Nov. 24 Out-of-class class today. TBA  
15/ Monday, Nov. 29 Group presentations  
Wednesday, Dec. 1 Group presentations / Take-home test #4  
16/ Monday, Dec. 6 Last class: celebration of our work  
Monday, Dec. 13 No work accepted after noon