The New York Times, front page New York Post's blackout page Virginian-Pilot's blackout page Times Herald-Record front for blackout Examiner's HOME
Required texts:
Newspaper Designer's Handbook, 5th ed., Tim Harrower, McGraw-Hill, 2002
AP Stylebook and Libel Manual, current edition

Wednesday, Jan. 19 Introductions; overview of the course. The first of the every-class NewsQuizzes. Invitation to "Rimrats*" blog. Takehome: editing diagnostic.
Monday, Jan. 24

What's editing all about? A brief history of newspaper design and the role of copy editors.
A diagnostic AP style quiz, general in scope. Review of copy editing marks. Newspaper design elements (Read Harrower, Introduction and Fundamentals). Working in the Editing Lab and with the Journalism server. Files on 413thor.

Handout: "What Copy Editors Do"

Wednesday, Jan. 26 AP results. Introduction to online reference works and resources. Introduction to QuarkXPress (“Quark,” from now on). Bio boxes (Harrower, p. 155).
Monday, Jan. 31 Quiz on Harrower Introduction and Chapter 1. Bio boxes due. A1 comparisons re: Iraq vote.
Wednesday, Feb. 2 AP quiz. Learning to format text imported from the AP wire. Two reference sources. Read Harrower, Chapter 2.
Monday, Feb. 7 Story design. Story edit due.
Wednesday, Feb. 9 Introduction to Photoshop. Creating the story package. Online reference sources.
Monday, Feb. 14 Story package due.
Wednesday, Feb. 16 AP quiz. Of rats and nuts: writing and presenting headlines. Standalones, part 1. One reference source: CIA World Fact Book. Read Harrower, Chapter 3.
Monday, Feb. 21 Page design. Headlines as part of the whole. Interview with John Oudens, New York Times copy editor
Wednesday, Feb. 23 [Grammar quiz (that/who/whom, indirect and direct object pronouns).] -- postponed to March 9. [The no-art page.] -- Postponed. Briefs. One reference source: InfoPlease.
Monday, Feb. 28 [Reference quiz. No-art page due] - POSTPONED. Read Harrower, Chapter 4.
Wednesday, March 2 Guest professor: Randy Jessee. Headapolooza! Read Harrower, Chapters 5 and 6.
Monday, March 7 Magazine editing: Professor Carol Schwalbe. Exercise: A1 presentation of narrative forms. Reference source:
Wednesday, March 9 Dr. Ed Sylvester, guest professor. Grammar quiz 1 (that/who/whom, direct object pronouns). Spelling Challenge Powerpoint competition. Headapolooza II.
Monday, March 21 Welcome back from Spring Break! Putting it all together. The front page. Read Harrower, pages 194-199 (screens and display heads) Aaron Brown's "Morning Papers." Prizes from Headapolooza I!'s "Today's Papers." "Explaining Today's Papers": A glossary. "Seeing Terri Schiavo."
Wednesday, March 23 AP quiz. Centerpieces. The Great 413 Fact-finding Challenge begins.
Monday, March 28 Centerpiece due. Working around the centerpiece.
Wednesday, March 30 Front page workshop. Editing issues: Schiavo, context, visuals and words
Monday, April 4 Full-page editing and design
Wednesday, April 6 AP quiz.
Monday, April 11 Front page due. More on elements. The Dow Jones editing test (ungraded).
Wednesday, April 13 Grammar quiz 2 (that/which). Editing crime stories. Editing issues: Diversity, bias, compassion, more.
Monday, April 18 Numbers for editors: polls and surveys
Wednesday, April 20 Grammar quiz (subject/verb, subject/pronoun agreement). Deadline front page in class.
Monday, April 25 Numbers quiz. Ethics for editors: "Jimmy's World" and more.
Wednesday, April 27 Review.
Monday, May 2 Last class. Final exam, part I: in class. Part II distributed in class, due on Monday, May 9, 11 a.m..

Required tools: Flash (or thumb or jump) drive, Zip disk or rewritable CDs. Disks won't come close to handling Quark and picture files for you.

Strongly suggested: Three-ring binder for handouts and guides. Pencils for style quizzes.

Grading   Graded exercises  
Final exam, project 200   Bio box 30
Quizzes 300   Story edit 30
Exercises 330   Story package 30
News quizzes 70   No-art page 60
Blog entries 100   Centerpiece 60
      Crime package 30
      Front page 90

At the beginning of every class, there will be a brief (about 5 minutes) quiz on current/recent news developments. If you miss it, you will not be able to make it up. NewsQuizzes will be used, in part, for attendance. If you arrive late, be sure to see me at the end of class to make sure you're counted as present.

Please check your e-mail often outside of class. Feel free to e-mail me with questions or concerns. Please refrain from checking e-mail, etc., during class.


Absence: Classes like these are extremely hard to make up. Excused absences include such things as emergency illness, family crises, religious observances, etc. They do not include oversleeping, early departures for home at holidays, being stuck in traffic, etc. Please let me know ahead of time if you must miss a class. It is your responsibility to make up any assignments and to contact a colleague for notes. Attendance will be taken. More than three absences signals a cause for concern and possible grade reduction.

Academic integrity: Plagiarism or cheating of any kind will result in a failing grade for the assignment and, most likely, the course. Plagiarism occurs whenever a writer takes the words or intellectual creation of someone else and presents them as his or her own. Plagiarism occurs when a writer lifts an entire essay from the Internet and turns it in as his or her work. It also occurs when a writer uses a sentence or phrase or headline from someone else without attributing it.

Special concerns

Disability services: Any student who needs special accommodations related to a disability should contact me privately to discuss those concerns. Information about accommodations is available through the office of Disability Resources for Students, or at (480) 965-1234.

Counseling and consultation: I am always happy to talk with you about concerns related to this course or your career. Sometimes, however, students experience personal problems that need more serious attention. If that happens to you, you can talk to trained counselors at ASU's office of Counseling and Consultation at no charge. Call (480) 965-6146 or (480) 965-4726. For more information, see