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1/ Monday, Aug. 23 Introductions; overview of the course. The first of the NewsQuizzes. Handout: Resources
Wednesday, Aug. 25 What's editing all about? A brief history of newspaper design and the role of copy editors.
A diagnostic AP style quiz, general in scope. Handout: Newspaper design elements.
2/ Monday, Aug. 30 Introduction to QuarkXPress (“Quark,” from now on). Harrower on bio boxes (page 155).
Review of copy-editing marks.
Wednesday, Sept. 1 Bio boxes due at end of class (graded exercise).
3/ Monday, Sept. 6 LABOR DAY, NO CLASS
Wednesday, Sept. 8 AP quiz. Basic typography, trimming stories, working with type in Quark
Harrower: Have read through the first two chapters by now.
4/ Monday, Sept. 13 Infobox: Basics of AP style (graded exercise); due at beginning of next class.
Wednesday, Sept. 15 Importing text into Quark
5/ Monday, Sept. 20 AP quiz. Headlines.
Wednesday, Sept. 22 Stories and heads (graded exercise) Harrower: Have read Chapter 3 by now.
6/ Monday, Sept. 27 Grammar quiz (that/who/whom, indirect and direct objects). Fact-checking
Wednesday, Sept. 29 Inside pages without art (graded exercise due Monday morning)
7/ Monday, Oct. 4 Writing and editing cutlines, importing art, standalones (ungraded exercise) Harrower: Have read Chapter 4 by now.
Wednesday, Oct. 6 MIDTERM EXAM / note: postponed to Oct. 11. Click for a REVIEW SHEET.
8/ Monday, Oct. 11 Review of midterm Centerpieces; pull quotes (graded exercise due Monday, Oct. 18, beginning of class)
Harrower: Have read Chapter 5 by now.
9/ Monday, Oct. 18 AP quiz. Centerpiece assignment due today. Editing and designing inside pages with two photos
(graded assignment due Monday, Oct. 25)
Wednesday, Oct. 20 Grammar quiz (that/which). Harrower: Have read Chapter 6 by now.
10/ Monday, Oct. 25 AP quiz. Inside page with two photos due today. Front page elements: reefers, teasers, indexes, etc.
Wednesday, Oct. 27 Full-page editing and design
11/ Monday, Nov. 1 AP punctuation quiz. Advanced work with photos
Wednesday, Nov. 3 Editing crime stories (graded exercise due Wednesday, Nov. 10)
12/ Monday, Nov. 8 AP quiz. Designing the rest of the front page
Wednesday, Nov. 10 GUEST SPEAKER. Terry Monmaney, executive editor, Smithsonian Magazine. Crime story due today.
13/ Monday, Nov. 15 Grammar quiz (subject/verb, subject/pronoun agreement). Front pages
Wednesday, Nov. 17 Front pages (final front page due by 5:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 22)
14/ Monday, Nov. 22 Ethics for editors: “Jimmy's World” (handout). Front page due today
Wednesday, Nov. 24 AP quiz.
15/ Monday, Nov. 29 Poll and survey stories; math for editors
Wednesday, Dec. 1 Review for final exam
16/ Monday, Dec. 6 Last Class. FINAL EXAM, Part I: given and completed today in class. Part II distributed; due on Monday.
Monday, Dec. 13 11 a.m. Part II of FINAL EXAM DUE.