Dr. Ginsburg Talks About the Super Bowl


Amy Reed and Chris Sindik interviewed Dr. Ginsburg about his unwavering Super Bowl attendance. Watch their Soundslide here.


While attending a Super Bowl game is a lifelong dream for many NFL fans, Norman Ginsburg has been fortunate enough to go to every one. As the head of sales and marketing for CBS Radio, Ginsburg attended the first Super Bowl as a business trip. Ginsburg quickly formed contacts and friendships at the game that allowed him to attend every subsequent NFL title game.While Ginsburg began his Super Bowl trips for his job, he soon made it a family affair, taking his wife and son to the games. “The first football game my wife ever attended was a Super Bowl,” remembers Ginsburg. Now retired from CBS and a faculty member at Arizona State University, Ginsburg teaches “Media Sales and Promotions” in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is looking forward to a short trip to Super Bowl XLII, which will be held across town in Glendale, AZ.