Dr. Craft Points to a Prized Piece


Nia Hamilton and Elissa Thompson interviewed Dr. Craft about his interest in trains. Watch their Soundslide here.


To see the Polar Express was once every child’s dream, but owning it is Dr. John Craft’s reality. Trains, trains, and more trains…the antique collectors items line the walls of Dr. Craft's Ahwatukee home, boxcar after boxcar carefully aligned on its track. His collection extends back more than 100 years, with the value of each boxcar starting in the thousands of dollars.

Dr. Craft is a professor in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. His primary focus is mass media and society as well as media ethics. Professionally, he has worked in video production, public television and public relations and has served on numerous leadership boards promoting television and the arts. But the caboose does not stop here.

Get your ticket and join us aboard as Conductor Craft guides us through his million-dollar collection.