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broadcast Web sites, news portals, search engines, organization sites and multi-media reports. You will become knowledgeable about how the type of site affects its news/information content.

But the best way to understand the Web is to learn how to create online pages. This is by no means a full production course, but you will learn the rudiments of Web authoring. Those who are interested in developing their skills beyond the scope of the course will find encouragement here and help in locating resources. Nancie Dodge, who worked with Carol Schwalbe in developing the Cronkitezine and the original online media courses, has offered her expertise as a coach and teacher.

Timing has favored us for this course, bringing the third and final presidential debate to ASU's campus at the perfect time for both sections of Online Media to use it as the focus of the Cronkitezine. It will be our showcase. Everyone is responsible for producing at least one page. This will be done by drawing on your existing strengths while developing new Web skills.

These are some of the things you will be able to do after taking this course:

  • Plan and storyboard a Web site
  • Design effective online sites
  • Present stories and information in nonlinear/multilinear ways
  • Develop ideas for original, compelling stories that use interactivity and multimedia
  • Work with the elements of Web design: photos, graphics, video, audio, text.

You will be able to do this with a good grounding in legal and ethical issues as they relate to online journalists. Copyright, fair use, censorship -- all are fascinating areas for what is still considered a "young" and evolving technology and news genre. If you leave this course without a deep appreciation of the challenges and potentials of online journalism, it won't be for lack of opportunity to discuss and learn. Enjoy!