Required text

Online Journalism: Principles and Practices of News for the Web
James C. Foust
Holcomb Hathaway Publishers, 2005

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Days JMC 425 ONLINE MEDIA SCHEDULE (subject to change) Links, readings (*=required)
Wednesday, January 19 Introductions; overview of the course; "Resources" handout and discussion

* HTML Overview
* Online Journalism FAQ
* "Heartaches of Journalist Bloggers"
* "N&R looks to break tradition with Web changes"

Monday, January 24 Syllabus; blogging basics; intro to HTML and Dreamweaver; formation of collaborative work groups for semester projects; working in the Editing Lab and with the Journalism server

* Foust, Chapters 1 and 2
* Using Images
* "Welcome to Dreamweaver" and "Create a Basic Home Page"
HTML Cheatsheat
Blogging Basics

Wednesday, January 26 Intro to Photoshop basics

* Foust, Chapter 3
* Photoshop basics
* DW: "Add Images"

Monday, January31 Discussion on shovelware and original content; storyboarding
In class: "Bloggers share the view from election day in Iraq" -- part of the Wall Street Journal online coverage
"Storyboarding" from the Multimedia Reporting unit at Berkeley
"Creating the Storyboard" from UNCC
Multimedia report for analysis: The Ice Palace

* DW: "Add Tables"
Flash tutorials — advanced only

Wednesday, February 2 Terminology, HTML quiz; working with tables * Foust, Chapter 4
Monday, February 7 Project proposal due; case studies  
Wednesday, February 9 Convergence challenges and opportunites; slide-show basics

* Foust, Chapter 5
*"Newswriting for the Web"

Monday, February 14 Online reporting sources Development of Web journalism:
"Is it journalism?"
"We've only just begun"
"Online advances"
"The difference a year makes"
Wednesday, February 16 Online references * Foust, Chapter 6
Monday, February 21 Quiz 2; Web page design
* Interactive color tool
Wednesday, February 23 Project storyboard and work rosters due; color and design theory * Foust, Chapter 7
Monday, February 28 Writing and editing online * Online storytelling forms
Wednesday, March 2 Guests: Mark Hiland, AZCentral, and Randy Jessee, Richmond Times-Dispatch * Foust, Chapter 8
Monday, March 7 [Links: production and presentation]--postponed
Broadcast influence: Dr. Bill Silcock
Broadcast/Web Tour
Wednesday, March 9 Guest professor: Carol Schwalbe
[Working with shells, templates -- may be postponed]
Quiz 3: Locating examples
* Foust, Chapter 9
Monday, March 21 Who's a journalist and why might it matter? | SPJ panel: Challenges and threats to free speech, 4:30-6, Coor LI-20. EFF campaign site. "The gathering storms over free speech" The Flash History (optional)
"The book stops here"
"Who is a journalist?"
Wednesday, March 23

Multimedia, interactivity-- the citizen journalist. NowPublic, wikis. Lab work. Lessig's experiment. Wikipedia. Ohmynews.

Blogglob goes back in business after the break for spring.

"Redefining the news online" from Digitizing the News
"OhmyNews makes every citizen a reporter," Japan Media Review
"Global Web design and the dimensions of culture"
Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

Monday, March 28 Group/professor meetings to discuss projects (30-40 minutes each)  
Wednesday, March 30 Group/professor project work | RSS feeds for journalists * Foust, Chapter 10
* Tasini v. New York Times
Monday, April 4

Legal and ethical issues | Bloggers code of ethics?

ACLU Privacy and Technology
Bloggers Code of Ethics

Wednesday, April 6 Animated commentary; parody sites

How to make an Internet cartoon
Mark Fiore cartoons
Do it yourself
Behind the Scenes: Mark Fiore
Animated political cartoons
"Let's Get Animated"

Monday, April 11 Hate and advocacy sites  
Wednesday, April 13 Lab work  
Monday, April 18 Projects due * Foust, Chapter 11
* "The Internet and the Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal"
Wednesday, April 20


* The Daily Me

Monday, April 25 Opportunities and challenges; Clinton/Lewinsky

Slides with DW and Fireworks

Emergency PowerPoint System

Wednesday, April 27 Constraints and opportunities of the "daily me" concept  
Monday, May 2 Quiz 4; personal pages due