Week 1

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Topic #1 for Cronkite 425: "Buried Truth," a multimedia report from starexponent.com, a newspaper in Culpeper, Va.
Well, I guess the first rule of this techno-world we live in is that machines don't always work when you need them to -- as happened yesterday with the audio. So for this first post, rather than a chummy kind of introduction of yourselves, we're going to jump right in with something I intended to show you in class. I'm going to describe a current multimedia production and ask you to comment on it after really looking it over. What works (or doesn't work) for you in it? What makes it a good or bad form in which to present journalism? That sort of thing. Feel free to range broadly in your evaluations. If you've seen something similar and can give us the link, that would be great.

In class, either Monday (if we have time after our guest, who will be there from 3:40 to 5) or Wednesday I'll give you copies of what the multimedia producer of "Buried Truth" said about it, how it came about, the team effort and what she would do differently the next time.

So. It's called "Buried Truth," as you saw. I need to tell you that it deals with very sensitive information: it digs into the "unsolved" last lynching in a small Virginia town. If you start in on it and it's too much to take, that's something worth writing about in the blog. A number of journalists in the South have taken on this subject and this was released during the observations for Martin Luther King Jr.

I look forward to hearing what you think about it.