Vocabulary List # 4                Words Often Confused

   1.   Vale          : A valley, or dale
   2.   Vail           : To lower, as a banner, to doff one's hat
   3.   Veil           : A piece of cloth worn to conceal the face, conceals, screens
   4.   Fair           : A beautiful, lovely, pale or white, moderately good, honest
   5.   Fare          : To get long, turn out, a transportation change, a meal
   6.   Rout         : Disorderly retreat, total defeat, a mob, a rabble, a wild party
   7.   Route        : A road, course or way for travel, fixed course of a deliveryman
   8.   Serge       : A twill cloth of worsted and wool        
   9.   Surge       : To move in a billowing or swelling manner, to increase suddenly
10.   Wave        : A signal made with the hand, a ridge or swell in a body of water
11.   Waive       : To relinquish or give up voluntarily, to refrain from insisting upon
12.   Role          : A function or position, a part played by an actor
13.   Roll           : To move by revolving on an axis, to travel on wheels, to wander
14.   Pore         : To gaze intently or steadily
15.   Pour         : To flow in a continuous stream
16.   Quiet        : Making no noise, silent
17.   Quite        : To the greatest extent, actually, truly, really
18.   Bloc          : A coalition, persons or things united for a purpose
19.   Block        : A solid object with flat sides, a like set of items forming a unit
20.   Taut          : Pulled or drawn tight, not slack
21.   Taunt        : To mock, jeer, or deride
22.   Key           : Implement to open a lock, a crucial fact, a control button
23.   Cue          : A hint or reminder, a prompting, a billiard stick
24.   Queue       : A line or file of people or things awaiting their turn
25.   Vice          : A moral failing, bad habit, or immoral practice
26.   Vise          : A clamping device of wood or metal
27.   Isle           : An island, especially a small one
28.   Aisle         : A passageway between rows of seats
29.   Soar         : To fly upward in the air, to ascend suddenly
30.   Sore         : Painful, tender or hurting
31.   Lean         : To bend or incline, thin as opposed to fat
32.   Lien          : The right to take property if the debt is not paid
33.   Pier          : Landing for ships or boats, a pillar
34.   Peer         : An equal in strength, standing or status, to look intently
35.   Duel          : A prearranged combat between two persons
36.   Dual          : Composed of two parts, double or twofold
37.   Hue          : A graduation of colors, tints or shades
38.   Hew          : To make or shape by cutting with bladed instrument
39.   Pole          : The axial extremities of a sphere, a long slender stick
40.   Poll           : A voting place, canvasing of opinions
41.   Lode         : A rock formation filled with ore, a rich source or supply
42.   Load         : A supportive weight or mass, a shape of work
43.   Wet          : Saturated or covered with a liquid
44.   Whet         : To sharpen, to hone, to make more keen
45.   Whether    : "If it is so that ..."   "If that is the case ..."
46.   Weather    : Climatic conditions
47.   Seem        : To give the appearance of, to appear to
48.   Seam        : A line, ridge, groove made by joining, fitting, crack, fissure
49.   Angel        : Immortal, spiritual being, attendant upon God
50.   Angle        : To fish with a hook or line, space between lines at a common point
51.   Boy           : A male child or youth
52.   Buoy         : A float, to uplift spirits, to cheer or hearten
53.   Mane        : Long hair on the head or neck of animals
54.   Main         : Most important, principle, major
55.   Aid            : To help or assist
56.   Aide          : A helper or assistant
57.   Canon       : A law, rule or code
58.   Cannon     : A weapon for firing projectiles