Week 8

Dow Jones exam:
Test dates: Thursday, Oct. 20, and Monday, Oct. 24 | Prep links

Centerpieces and story layout
Pick three newsfronts from the newseum collection (reminder: it changes daily so print out what you want to consider) and analyze them in terms of how the centerpiece was done. How much "real estate" does the dominant art take up? What kind of ratio is there between text and other elements? Does it alter the column width? BIG or small heds? Several pictures grouped together to form the impression of one element? Etc. Harrower might be of help in finding terms to describe what you see. Of those three, which do you like most and which least? In a reply to this blogpost, describe the one you like most. If we can get enough of these in by class on Monday, we'll go over them then, which will be helpful in terms of the midterm. Please bring printouts to class with you. Thanks!