Week 7

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Dow Jones internship exam
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Rimrats: "Weasel words rip my flesh"
(Greetings from rural New York with a slow phone connection!) One of the banes of existence for thoughtful readers is overstatement, or the bogus presentation of a bunch of “facts” as a cohesive story or valid trend. So it’s rather surprising to see such an abuse appearing in The New York Times. A few days ago, one appeared on A1. Slate columnist Jack Shafer was so offended he wrote about it. Please read it (and the original story, which I’ll post temporarily to our class site (can't upload to blogger) in case the NYT link becomes inactive before you can get to it) and join in discussion. Also, have you any examples to add from other stories? Any stories that misrepresent polls/surveys? I look forward to hearing what you have to say.