Week 12

Word list #8: junta | regime | government | administration | grisly | grizzly | ketchup/catsup | kerosene | kibbutz | knot | kudos | latitude | longitude | barrister | legerdemain | liaison | lightning | likable | linage | lineage | liquidation | liquidity | livid | majority | plurality | malarkey | marijuana | minuscule | naive | naval | navel | noisome | oasis | occur | oddsmaker | opossum | oral | verbal | pardon | parole | probation | pari-mutuel | pasteurize | patriarch | peahen | passer-by | pell-mell | penitentiary | percent | perk | perjury | permanent | permissible | persuade | pompon | pom-pom | precincts | premiere

Rimrats: Who cares about a stinkin' list, anyway?
Oops. Arizona ranked dead last in a ranking of states and their educational prowess. This assignment isn't to follow that story, but instead to look at the "black holes" that develop when education is spotty -- or life just intervenes and takes a person out of the learning curve for awhile.

I'm talking about the "everyday" kind of knowledge that everyone is assumed to have but frequently does not. For example: the names of all the planets in the solar system to which Earth belongs. The number of weeks in a year. How to figure a percentage.

I've thought about this for a long time. I know that I have blanks that embarrass me. As a copy editor, I used to write down things that seemed to come naturally for others but were a challenge for me. Most of them have finally sunk in, but I so wish I had learned them as a child so that they would be automatic.

What are basic bits of knowledge that many people don't know? If you could note five of them I think we'd have quite a list. Do provide the answer, too. And these are not necessarily things with which you have difficulty, although if you wish to talk about a challenge, that would be great.