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Rimrats: ASME's "best magazine covers of all time"

On Monday, the American Society of Magazine Editors released a list of what it says are the 40 best magazine covers of all time. Fifty-two magazine editors, design directors, art directors and photography editors picked the covers from 444 submitted covers, which came from 136 magazines. The two best covers, the panel decided, both featured nudity that was groundbreaking at the time. The top cover, from a 1981 issue of Rolling Stone, showed a naked John Lennon wrapped around Yoko Ono. The No. 2 cover, from an issue of Vanity Fair 10 years later, pictured a nude and very pregnant Demi Moore. (If my best friend's calculations are correct, Ashton Kutcher was 13 at the time.)

You can read the entire list of covers in this Magazine Publishers of America press release and see the images here. (Click on the images to make them larger, but don't be surprised if these links stop functioning. This is a Google cached copy of a page the MPA seems to have taken off its Web site.) A bigger image of No. 3, a 1968 Esquire cover called "The Passion of Muhammed Ali" here. If you haven't seen the No. 4 entry, a 1976 New Yorker cover called "View of the World from Ninth Avenue," follow this link and click on the first cover on the left. You might get a kick out of artist Saul Steinberg's gentle ribbing of New Yorkers who think they will drop off the edge of the Earth if they cross the Hudson River. The No. 5 cover, from Esquire, showed Andy Warhol, the artist who painted a famous series of pictures of Campbell's Soup cans, sinking into a can of tomato soup.

You can see more of the covers on the Tuesday front page of the Manatee Sarasota Herald, the daily newspaper in Bradenton, Fla. (That's the cover at the beginning of this post.)

Link to the "Top Magazine Covers" front page